In school comes the fair share of baggage, ups and downs and the perpetual bullshit that the dark sides of life can’t help but hand to you on a hand me down platter. The social fumbles and nuances, the antics and tasks to please your parents and get good grades, and consistently staying in survival mode to outlive teachers, seniors, bullies, schedules, prefects and everything in between.

One such fellow was in the midst of all this chaos and decided to go on a quest, an academic quest of course, to draw the holy pencil out of the ancient sharpener (for lack of alternative words and original transformation). Upon fulfilling his mission and writing throughout the ages, he dubbed himself Fufu N Alphabet Soup and created this kingdom … (Ok, it’s more of a webpage than anything else) where he – and you too – can nerd out about the subject you all love and hate. Sometimes at the same time. Have fun exploring.



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