She Stoops To Conquer (Act 2)

I begin this awesomesauce post in the name of Jon Bellion and his kickasss album.

Hey again people. The last time we spoke, our boys were being Punk’d! by Tony and showed up at Mr. Hardcastle’s residence believing it was an inn. They get all prideful and demanding, and take every good gesture from their host the wrong way. This should be fun….

We’re looking at a quick overview of She Stoops to Conquer, Act 2, Part 1.

Starting off, Mr. Hardcastle designates roles to his servants and spells out some restrictions as well. Telling them not to laugh at certain jokes, for example, since they play no part in the conversations with his guests. Marlow and Hastings are welcomed warmly – and not long after, start making demands for dinner and punch and act unseemly. It rubs Mr. Hardcastle the wrong way obviously, although he puts on a smile to help him bite back the impulse to smack them square in the teeth.

My words, not his.

Following a blur of uncomfortable exchanges, Neville shows up and clears the confusion. They aren’t in an inn but rather, the residence of the woman Mr. Marlow was to meet. Kate Hardcastle ….. Well, something along those lines. I don’t speak ancient English too well so let’s go with that.

Mr. Hastings, after calming his anxious friend down, continues his career as best friend and well experienced wingman to the shy manchild that is Marlow. Poor guy. Such a mess around fine women. He barely looked into her face the whole time they talked.

After Hastings took his friend through the preliminary round of conversation with Kate, he left the room with Neville.

It’s just the two of them now – and Marlow has to be a big boy and take off his training wheels of conversation and flirting. That shit was damn awkward!

Funny thing is, Kate is just as interested by deep conversations as Marlow is and she’s quite taken by him.

I always did sense she was a sucker for shy boys, deep down. And she understands whatever he’s mumbling about; she’s like the potential-boyfriend translator for women dating shy boys. Honestly, we in the twenty-first century need an app like that.

She’s finishing his sentences, enjoying the conversation and whatnot.


So when all that’s done, they go meet up with Neville and Hastings elsewhere. Kate, who enjoys his company, plans on teaching Mr. Marlow a thing or two about confidence. Props to him and the wingman, am I right?


So that’s what the second act has to offer. Feel free to read through that section of the play again and point out any inconsistency or omission you think is necessary for a better understanding of the work we’re looking at. Stay awesome, fearless eaters. Ciao Ciao!!