Hello again my fearless eaters and monochromatic friends!!!

Yes, freely cut me off with some insults! Yes, be angry at how long I’ve been gone. I’ve been eating of a great many things that aren’t a delectable alphabet soup. And I’m sorry guys; seriously, I am. Social life, education and other things can get in the way of blogging ……

Not to mention exams. Yeeesh.

But to cut to the chase, I purposed to address you all to put my promise into writing. Knowing me, this is a big deal. Alphabet Soup don’t do promises on a normal basis, so this should show y’all I mean BIDNESS. Now, to talk about a related issue, a big bird told me (bless her avian heart) that the WASSCE groupings for Senior High Schools in Ghana had a very bad report for Literature in English. Very sad indeed, especially because the change in syllabus wasn’t delivered in a way that accomodated students or tailored to their needs.

The WAEC Council seems pretty self-assured on the basis that it happened to all students involved. And while I’m not going to be overtly critical, I am going to be honest and call out their callousness in dealing with students, their academic performance, wellbeing and grades. Nothing is in poorer taste than their incompetence and complacency.

It was also a wake up call for me. Right now, I need to up my game. I need to help you with what I know and strike while the iron is hot.

So I write this to you, to honour my commitment to you – God, this sounds a bit much – and build on my consistency. I repeat: to build on my consistency.

In the course of the week, I’ll post again to let you know how things are moving along and how we can contribute to success and growth in WASSCE Literature together !!!!!

Mwahahahaha ……

The evil laugh. Too soon, right?

Umm yeah, ok. Aside that, I’m going to keep you guys posted.

Later, fearless eaters!




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