Your love was like a cigarette, addictive, yet bad for my health. Every breath was filled with you and your drug flowed through my veins. But with each drag I took and still crave, you’re a h…

Source: Quitting


4 thoughts on “Quitting

    1. You’re welcome sweetheart. Bless you. i just read through your about page. You’re a strong woman. I may not know anything of what it’s like to have your conditions, but I know what it’s like to have gone through narcissistic abuse and that produces all the symptoms you’ve mentioned. I’ve had my share of trauma and troubles. We’re gonna make it. My mum found this website that is changing our lives and uplevelling us. I’d like to share it with you if you’re interested. Lots of love and stay strong. http://www.melanietoniaevans.com

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      1. And you’re gonna win. You’ve been through the eye of the storm. God will be with you and make you stronger. He’s done amazing work worldwide with the community – don’t worry it’s not religious – and he’s gonna do amazing things with you. Melanie also has a Youtube channel and her videos help so much. Do try to take part of those. I know you’d be more than fine. Take care.

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