Music and chores

This Sunday is a good day for music. Sure, every now and then I’m not up for the whole going-to-church-to-worship thing. It’s calmer for me to do my chores at a pace that suits me before the dreaded Monday approaches.


Ugh!… Most Ghanaians would be into Jazz, Hip-hop, Reggae or Afro beats and musicians like Sarkodie, Becka and Pappy Kwadwo. I would rather jam to Japanese Pop, Heavy Metal, Urban and Pop categories, listen to Twenty One Pilots, Silverstein or Underoath. And according to some of my friends, I’m not alone so that’s a plus. We all have a preference.
And it’s calming to just loosen the nerves while playing songs you love and organizing yourself. This is just a thought I thought I should put out there. Thanks for reading. Now, go turn on the music already.

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