False allegations against Aziz Ansari

Today, I discovered that yet again, the sexual assault allegations were in full force. This time, against Aziz Ansari….

The story goes back to December, 2017 thereabout.

A female photographer went on a date with him that did not have as tasteful and explosive an ending as she’d hoped. When they texted the following day and she expressed outrage and disappointment, Aziz apologized. She went to the press with outrageous claims  and unfortunately that took a big hit to his career.

To give more of a scope to this story, and more clarity, they had sex. One form or the other. For her, it was a let down. And let me make this clear. Crap sex is not the same as harassment. You wanted it. It just didn’t meet your expectations.

This kind of situation annoys me because not only is her account false, but it discredits the entire purpose of the #MeToo movement, and the allowance of women’s voices to be taken seriously with cases such as harassment and rape. It also makes more people likely to close dialogue on this social issue that matters, in order to come to a resolution, based off how we go about interactions and matters of sex and consent.

This is not an issue of one party not consenting, no matter how you want to look at it. This is the issue of a woman tarnishing a man’s career when he has made strides for himself, built success and won an award. And it is tired. Some people shouldn’t be given audience when they don’t know head or tail of one thing or the other.


And ….. Blog!

I spent a long time off the blogosphere….. Too damn long. I was burning out and giving up on the whole idea of WASSCE Literature making waves because …. People don’t give a shit necessarily. Readership is low even for young adult audiences. And it’s work. So I decided I’m going to change the pacing and direction of things overall.
I’m starting things off smooth and slow this year, and granting myself a new perspective. If you want, you can join me on this awesome adventure. Or, stay put and watch TV. Yeah. That’s what I’d do if I were you.
But I’m not you. So I’m going now. Later.


Let me start off by saying to myself in a very Miranda Hart fashion, congrats for diversifying this shit, good ol’ chum … *smiley face*. There’s another part of the multi-faceted clockwork monster that is our Literature syllabus and we are slowly going to break into those areas and soon, staring with non-African drama. Don’t worry, we’ll re-visit African poetry again as per my discoveries and your inquisition.

Lazy shits

Sorry, what was that, you might ask?

Nothing, reader. Certainly not a passive-aggressive statement uttered under my breath. So …

The drama we’ll be engorging ourselves with (what a word! ENGORGING) is She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. No? Doesn’t matter – moving on anyways.

We’re going to have such fun looking at this wonderful literary adventure (Well, staying positive never killed anyone). In the course of the week, we’ll rush into things so get your notebooks, teachers and internet ready. We’ve got some alphabet soup binging to do! Chao Chao!